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Week #9

1st Quarter

At the 4:44 mark CBS caught the perfect shot as the sun shone brightly through Jerrah’s World as America’s team was marching towards the end zone. I thought about my Texas roots – played for state champ runner ups Lamar High School in Houston. Just a 45 min flight from Big D. I thought about these two legendary franchises. And then this sun kissed autumn afternoon. 3rd and 10 deep in the heart of Texas. God loves football. God loves the Stillers too. Highsmith on the sack. 4th and 16. Bring on the FG unit. A drive deferred.

2nd Quarter

Don’t blink. The special teams play is on me. My dear friend/former neighbor is a Special Teams coach for The Cowboys. Matt Daniels is a former safety in the league and one of the brightest young minds in the NFL coaching ranks. On Sunday during the early game, I exchanged texts with Matt-

Me: You might be the team’s only hope today, coach… you know I’ll be tuned in!

Matt: If it’s on me, we going to get it done today.

If it was on Matt, they would’ve gotten it done. The seamlessly executed trick return, the chess game of hurrying the special teams unit onto the field forcing the Steelers to keep Ray Ray on the sideline – all Matt and Bones. But Coach Tomlin preaches “don’t blink.” To their credit, Blitzburgh didn’t. They lined up perfectly for the return, Joe secured the ball, O goes back to work. Don’t blink.

3rd Quarter

Ben missed. Let the stat guys tell you how much and to whom. But I watched the same game you did. 7 missed the mark too often. Romo noticed it, I noticed, I’m sure you did too. I believe past behavior is the best indicator for future behavior and Ben has found his rhythm in the past. I trust he and WR corps will be a PROBLEM for defenses when they sync up for real for real. 8-0 and they haven’t quite figured it out on O. Sheesh – how good can this team be?? Winter is coming. Stairway to Seven could start writing itself soon.

4th Quarter

Juju Smitty-Schu ain’t fuckin’ around with y’all today. A snarl. Some muscle. A TD. The most smiley-est, funnest WR since Hines was all business. A lotta people are writing stories about how and why Juju will depart. Here or elsewhere, Juju will help a team win games.


Black shoes. On the long run after the catch – if DJ's shoes are black instead of white, that might be a challenge. And Dallas might win it. That was closer than it looked. And it looked close.

52 for Dallas moved early on the Lamb TD. We all saw it. The zebras did not.

PI on Claypool? WTF

All’s well that Boswell. He’ll be alright y’all. I freaked out a lil bit too with whatever the hell that performance was, but I trust he’ll right the ship. Again, special teams is on me this week.

A strange phenomena of the Steelers over the last couple of decades continues: They like it this way. The drama. The close finishes. The “emotional roller coaster” as Ben called it. Doesn’t matter that they should have routed a Dallas team on starting QB #23523 for the season. It's never easy with this team. These guys love to deliver the thriller. I’m just glad they delivered the dub. Undefeated and Black Friday shopping pair nicely.


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