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Week #17 A fitting end to the 2020 Regular Season

1st Quarter

With not much to play for organizationally this week, it was cool to watch football for the love of football. Didn’t look great, but still.

2nd Quarter

I usually let the stat guys tell you how much and many anything, but Nick Chubb got his first rushing TD in Pittsburgh. He’s a problem. And he might be an all-timer if he stays healthy.

3rd Quarter

We got a good look at the depth of the good guys. The reserves hung in there all day against most of Cleveland’s ones. That bodes well for the future – in the playoffs and beyond.

4th Quarter

It won’t get talked about in the wake of a shaky season finale, but the Steelers weathered this season with flexibility and dedication to the protocols. More of our organizations and neighbors will have to make the same commitment, so we can get back to Heinz Field.


I’m glad the Browns are a thing. It’s good to have the best division in football. Which other division is more competitive? While wait…

Something to watch… Which teams will COVID affect most? Who and when players get caught up in the protocol could change everything in the post-season.

Karl Joseph came to the division from the Raiders a couple years back. Didn’t like it then, still don’t. Dude can ball. Nice stop on Thanos on 3rd and 10.

Doesn’t seem to happen often, so hat tip to Coach T for winning a challenge.

Wright again. Matt just keeps doing what’s asked of him. That’s gonna get him a job kicking an oblong ball for a long time.


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