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Week #15

Week #15

The Steelers are on a 3-game skid, the offense looks rudderless. Ben must be a better rudder. In the meantime, here are 4 takeaways through the lens of my forthcoming book, The Meaning of Life: Experience. Multiply. Learn. Share.

1st Quarter

Life as a Steelers fan is never dull. 11-0. And now 0-3. There is a chance for the good guys to really lean into the experience are come out better for it. Each man in that locker room must understand for himself what more he can do to contribute to the end game – a Lombardi. I’ll be most interested to see how they respond in the final two weeks of the season.

2nd Quarter

The questions about this team, particularly on offense are beginning to multiply. I was talking to a hardcore Steeler fan about how lost #7 looks at times. Maybe he’s not, but he looks it. He looks like he has a lot of questions. Maybe he does. And maybe they are legitimate questions. But the maestro can’t have questions. The maestro must know the composer, the song, the tempo, each instrument and each player without question. The maestro can’t have questions. I hope the QB room is a productive think tank this week.

3rd Quarter

I had to learn the importance of urgency relatively quickly in life. The word means “importance requiring swift action.” And the consequence of not moving with urgency can be disastrous in this life. So it is in football. This team must find the urgency they will need come playoff time. Jumping way out in front of everyone + the wear of this odd season + younger guys in important places can equal this lack of urgency. But Mike Tomlin knows and understands urgency – you can tell by how he speaks that he relishes it even. He’s got to find a way help the employees he’s responsible for know and understand urgency too. Or business will be closing early this season.

4th Quarter

It’s the season that sees many people share a little more than they would. The most wonderful time of the year, in spirit at least. We know the pandemic rages on. The Steelers continue their annual charity though. Seems like each year they share wins with teams that otherwise may have only one or two. For me it’ll always be one of life’s greatest mysteries how often they play down to the level of their opponent. Bengals threw down the gauntlet by starting gently used backup QB and the Steelers tripped right over it by throwing for 19 yards in the first half. I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND.


Sutton on a Button. Cam continues his excellent play. Had another huge breakup and showed veteran level technique without panic. These DBs are well coached football players. He keeps doin his thing.

All’s well that Boswell. Despite the loss, it a fun fact to know he’s never missed vs Cincinnati. Not a FG. Not a PAT. Not a plane. Not a bus. Nothin.*

*Whether Chris Boswell has ever missed a plane or bus during Bengals week has not been independently confirmed. But I’m thinkin nah.


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