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Week #14

Week #14

1 Quarter

34 degrees and snowy. A good night to experience football… from the comfort of a warm couch. Drops on repeat. This again…

2nd Quarter

The absence of linebackers saw Kevin Butler and the defense multiply it’s use of DBs. And it mostly paid off. Hilton, Sutton and Allen all put in a “varisty” effort, as Coach T would say.

3rd Quarter

I learned Buffalo has turned a corner. After a decade and a half of ineptitude, the Bills are the best team in NY by a longshot. The have a chance to be King of New York for a while to come.

4th Quarter

In the end, #7 sharing the ball with the team in red ended all hope of Steelers lore rising up once again in a big moment for an epic comeback. A win like that would have gone a long way for a young team. That’s the type of win you need to log to psychologically ready yourself for battle with the monsters of the conference in January. That type of win will have to wait at least a week. The monsters will be waiting too.


I think I’m coming down with a case of the old school. Much better than catching the other thing that’s goin around. But something to keep an eye on. My symptoms include cocking my head to the side with a confused scowl when I see Steelers smiling and crashing the opposing team's post-game interview after losing the game.

Injuries continue to mount, but this is true for all teams. Good news is that with 3 games left, we could start to see guys get healthy and back on the field at just the right time. #HereWeWGo


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