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Week #13

1st Quarter

The good guys experienced their first loss of the season. All those invested in the team did too. ONE first down the entire quarter was indicative of missed/dropped opportunities all day.

2nd Quarter

Few things are more impressive than a locked in #7. He leans into the Tao and everything starts clickin. That TD drive was water. If only there were more hands to catch more of Ben’s flow. They ability to catch the football needs to emerge and multiply quickly.

3rd Quarter

If you haven’t learned by now, Mike Hilton is good at football. He was all over the field. There are better cover guys, but there might not be a DB in the league that has more swagger with substance. He shows up every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… whatever day of the week they’re playing this week.

4th Quarter

No question the ’72 Fins are sharing a toast as they remain the only team to finish a season undefeated. Listen, I hope the good guys get that 7th ring this year as much as any yinzer. But I dig the lore of Miami. They haven’t had much since those days and it gives players, coaches, fans, cities and the whole wide world of sports something to forever honor, toast to and strive to outdo.


Riverboat Ron checked into the Hilton. Mike beat the would-be blocker and blew up a 4th and 1 giving the Steelers the best field position of the day. THAT BOY GOOD! *Eddie voice*

James Washington plays the game the right way. I said it a few weeks back, I might start saying it every week. The receiving core was NOT good, but Washington continues to prove he’s like that. Breaks 2 tackles and goes for 50.

Matthew Wright did what he was called upon to do. Nothing more. And that’s a beautiful thing. It’s the kind of thing that builds long careers if done with consistency. Go get it, homie.


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