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Week #11

1st Quarter

Marcus on the Spot. We’ve heard a lot about Marcus Allen’s potential and the team seems to like him – his sticking around. Good to see him come up with a splash play. He represents my belief that the entire team is playing at higher level of consciousness – playmakers are emerging weekly.

2nd Quarter

4 mins and change left in the half, Minkah made very sure tackle. You peep what I did right after the scuffle? Tension is high, guys are barking and Tyson Alualu requires some (unrelated?) assistance with his helmet. Worked out. The very next play, the former Jag tips the pass, and Fitzpatrick did what he’s done thrice year – intercept a red zone pass.

3rd Quarter

Nothing happened. And that’s a good thing. There comes a point in a game where the players are fully engaged, and a stalemate occurs. Sometimes it’s for a play or a set of downs or a drive or in this case, a quarter. For a quarter we saw two professional teams line up and go at it. The rest of the game was the Big 10 and the MAC, regardless of what Coach T explained. But that stalemate means a quarter was burned with the good guys sitting a sizeable lead.

4th Quarter

Have a day Terrrell… By now you’ve heard all you need to know about the other safety in the secondary. And you’ve heard how long it’s been since a pair of starting safety’s did what these two did – each grabbing a pair of INTs in the same game. But in case you forgot, on July 24, 2018, the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted dude in the first round. His twin brother also got picked in the first round. He has another brother on the Steeler’s practice squad. And pops played too. Pedigree + good coaching could = Edmunds being the most important player on this defense for not named Watt.


CCvCC Was anybody else into the Chase Claypool/Chris Claybrooks matchup as much as me? All that Clay! All those bodies of water! Soooo many C’s.

Ball Security Sure Ebron scored the touch. But immediately after, he allowed Conner to swipe the rock, cross him up and then get him in the air on the pump fake. Gotta check the All 22 tape to see if Conner got the bucket, but Eric – keep your eyes up in the open court. Sheesh.


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