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Week #10

Week #10

1st Quarter

I know a safety when I see one. Polamalu was one. Fitzpatrick is one. And that “touchback” was a safety too. I have no idea what kinda Juju was put on the pigskin, but Wilson couldn’t exercise basic motor skills to secure it. By the time he did, I didn’t see him take a knee or wave a hand. I saw him get blasted in the back of the end zone for 2 points and the ball. Everybody just kept it moving, but I thought it was at least worth a lil chat between the zebras. I’m open and humble enough to ask – what did I miss?

2nd Quarter

GO DJ… THAT’S MY DJ. 116 yards and a TD before the half. Sheesh. We know he’s got quicks, we know he can GO in the open field. What impressed me most was the deep ball (which they been tryna connect on for 8 weeks) and how easy Johnson made the catch look. Great ball by #7, but the effortless over the shoulder catch has DJ looking like a technician at the position. A problem for secondaries all over league is getting worse.

3rd Quarter

As the slow mop up began and the Fox broadcast booth started telling random stories only loosely associated with contest, a general sense of “this is the way is should be” seemed to set it. Ok, maybe just in my house. But 29-7 in the 3rd against the Bengals on the way to 9-0 is the way is should be. I cannot be convinced otherwise.

4th Quarter

This was a first through fourth quarter observation – Ben did NOT miss. I was on #7 last week. He responded. It was a workman like day befitting of Steelers and Pittsburgh culture. Not every play worked, but Ben worked on every play. 27/46 for 333yds and 4 TDs. Damn. I see you, old school.


Yo, you crazy? This game was over before it started. Rolling out footage of TJ wiping his feet with the Myron's towel was a terrible idea. Football historians and superstition abiders know this NEVER ends well for the defiler of the Terrible Towel. Never.

OT started with 5:02 left in the game. Complete victory - shout out to all 3 phases.

Maybe I can be an NFL QB? Ben watched practice from home and helped make his kids smarter this week. I’ve seen lotsa practices and games. My arm and legs are fresher and I don't hafta be Kindergarten Cop. How am I wrong about this?

Winners, but mostly losers is what I found when I strolled by The list a of losers for Cincy on it's own homer blog was lonnnnnnng after the big brother beat down. Made me grateful that the Men of Steel just keep on winning. ‘Nother round of Victory Monday, anyone?


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