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Playoffs | Super Wild Card Weekend Jan 2021

The deluge of offensive ineptitude was too vast for even Al Michaels, a man who’s called every game ever – all of ‘em, had no words to aptly surmise what transpired. I have a few…

1st Quarter

It was evident to me that one team valued the idea of urgency much more than the other. The Browns all but arrived by plane, train and automobile with urgency. The Steelers didn’t seem to get the memo until the second quarter.

2nd Quarter

Conventional wisdom says either nerves, lack of focus or some combo thereof can account for the avalanche of miscues. I contend that the focus was misplaced. Too many guys seemed focused on winning the game rather than doing their job. It’s a fine line, but an absolutely critical distinction for each player to make.

3rd Quarter

I learned that the Browns have a culture. In the absence of players, a play caller and practice, their culture won them that game. I have no idea how big a wave it can be, but Baker and company are riding a big ass surfboard on the lake right about now.

4th Quarter

A season full of immense highs and befuddling lows. At times, like watching Neo out of the Matrix, at other times, like watching a cat that can’t find its way out of a paper bag. In year where nothing could have been predicted, the Steelers produced a season to match. Art still imitates life, it seems.


This defense will have to wait another year. 1st team to lead the league in sacks FOUR STRAIGHT YEARS. Viable DPOY Candidates at two levels. Pro bowlers at all three levels. Who will be back? And Can they stay healthy? And will the offense help out consistently?

35 out of 60. That’s about how many minutes of sound football we got from the Black and Gold. I’ll let stat guys divvy up the blame pie, but it happened in the game vs the Colts and again when it mattered most.

The End of an Era? Just on standby… Ben and Pounce said they’d go out together. Wondering if that was it or if they have one last job in em.


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